7 days, 7 picks

7 days, 7 picks. So far. Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thepickcast/ …for a movie, TV, or music recommendation every day. The Pick Daily is the latest feature from our podcast! Also, all previous Picks are archived at https://thepickcast.com/the-pick-daily-2/

The Pick DAILY

Introducing The Pick Daily on Instagram. Follow on Insta: @thepickcast. We’ll give you one Pick every day… a movie, show, song, album, artist, video, and more!  Today’s Pick: A Good Woman Is Hard To Find (2019) A taut little thriller with an unwieldy title. Sarah Bolger is excellent as a widowed mother who must protect her kids from local hoodlums. Although it is currently on horror channel Shudder, it is not a horror film, unless you count a grisly scene involving a hatchet. Available on Shudder, also for rent. Not rated; language, nudity, violence, gore would warrant a hard R. (Jeff) Follow on Insta: @thepickcast.

Kelsey Cook! Plus Movies & TV in 2021

From appearances on The Tonight Show and Comedy Central, our guest this episode is Kelsey Cook. She joins us to to discuss social anxiety, bad dog names, drunk audience members, championship foosball, dining hall comedy, wearing handcuffs in the presence of Freddie Prinze Jr; and she even faces off against Kevin in another installment of The Pick’s Crack That Track™ song-guessing game. Plus, we preview movies and TV coming to your screens in 2021. Episode 24 of The Pick is available now at https://thepickcast.com/episodes/