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two guys with opinions*

*the men in this photo are not Kevin or Jeff

the men in this photo are Kevin and Jeff

The podcast that picks a peck of particular pop & pics and polls podcast purveyors for personal preferences.

Since meeting at their college radio station at Washington State University, Kevin and Jeff have enjoyed discussing and sparring over music, movies, and multiple topics. As givers, they now wish to share their haughty opinions with the masses… and also hear from you.

Kevin spent 18 years in the broadcasting and corporate communications industries, working as an on-air talent and producer in both radio and television news, and later as a communications strategist for large corporations and small businesses.  Jeff spent 20 years in the television business in Los Angeles, primarily at the FX and E! Entertainment cable networks in on-air promotions and international production.


Drop us an email with segment ideas, corrections, grievances, screeds, proclamations, praise, or a joke.

Portland, Oregon