What to Watch with The Pilot Podcast

Winter Lockdown Woes?  We’ve got a steady stream of movie and TV picks. The hosts of The Pilot Podcast, BJ and Mitu, join us to help cover TV offerings, and they also stick around to challenge Kevin in Crack That Track™ (TV theme songs version). Watch the promo above and then click here to link to the episode.


How will they rank?

Hendrix or The Beatles… Thriller or the Godfather of Soul… Moby or The Killers?… How will they rank?  The countdown continues as Kevin and Jeff rank their favorite albums of all time, with picks 80 through 71.  And Pick-Line callers Bob and Ed reveal their favorites, including a tribute to one of the greatest comedy albums of all time. Click here to listen, and click here for the full list of The Pick 100 thus far, and playlists galore.

We are SO the WAY

Kevin & Jeff will be guests on the live radio program & podcast “The Way With Jazz & Taé” this Thursday (Nov 12) from 7a-8a Pacific time (10a-11a Eastern). Check it out live on KKNW Seattle, either over the air at 1150 AM, or on the internet at https://1150kknw.com . If you miss us live, You can checkout their podcast here: (Spotify / Apple Podcasts), and their YouTube channel here.