The end is nigh

The top is intractable. The end is ineluctable. The finish is forthcoming. We resume the revealing of our revered records of rock with picks 13 through 7; an all-new episode of The Pick. Watch the promo above, then go to our Pick 100 page to link to the episode. It’s also your LAST CHANCE toContinue reading “The end is nigh”


#30-22 are here… and you can dance to them

Our Favorite 100 Albums countdown continues, as we have reached numbers 30 through 22. Beastie or Blondie; Mac or Boy; Uh-Huh or Hum; Steely or Straits; Prince or PJ; Ten or 1999; Earth, Wind, Fire, Hell, or Purple Rain…  which will rank higher? Led Zeppelin IV is Jeff’s pick at #23, and it features “StairwayContinue reading “#30-22 are here… and you can dance to them”

A Family Affair: Year-End Special

The whole fam damily joins in as Jeff’s dad, mom, sister, other sister, nephew and stepson all give their thoughts on movies, TV, and sports from 2021. Also, in our second annual sports segment, Kevin is challenged to appear at least somewhat competent next to sportswriting legend Bob Payne. Join us for The Pick podcast’sContinue reading “A Family Affair: Year-End Special”