#30-22 are here… and you can dance to them

Watch the episode promo and Stairway to Heaven discussion

Our Favorite 100 Albums countdown continues, as we have reached numbers 30 through 22. Beastie or Blondie; Mac or Boy; Uh-Huh or Hum; Steely or Straits; Prince or PJ; Ten or 1999; Earth, Wind, Fire, Hell, or Purple Rain…  which will rank higher? Led Zeppelin IV is Jeff’s pick at #23, and it features “Stairway To Heaven.” Is it still the best rock song of all-time? And can you dance to it? Listen to this episode for in-depth analysis. Go to The Pick 100 page for lists, links and more. And please rate & review us on whichever platform you are listening! Episode links below.

The Pick 100: #30-22 episode links:


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