Episode 12 is triple the fun

Michelle Staley Mahony joins us for all of episode 12… new music picks, Back in Black turns 40, streaming picks with immortals, portholes, and grandma’s not normal. Click here to listen.


The Pick’s InROCKtrination is Second to Nun

Episodes 10 & 11 are here!

In music Episode 10, Kevin and Jeff try to inrocktrinate a 20-year-old, country-music loving college student. We’ll she like our music picks? Plus, new music picks, and a look at the Top 1000 rock songs of all time… as compiled in 1987.

In streaming Episode 11, badass nuns, bad Iceland singers, and terrorists in first class. It’s another batch of movies and TV shows for your pandemic streaming binge. Plus, Kevin turns the tables on Jeff with the guessing game.

Can you guess these songs?

Pick #1
Pick #2
Pick #3

Episode 8 has dropped. See if you can outsmart Kevin as he guesses top singles between 1967 and 1999. Leave your answers to the above 3 snippet-picks in the comments! No cheating… only by memory: Artist and song name; bonus if you guess year and album name. And listen to episode 8 (click here) to see how well Kevin did on these and 5 other picks.